Part Four – SSL & Site Speed

Estimated Time Required: 5 Minutes

There are two very important elements for the visitors to your website – speed and security. When a user attempts to visit your site they will not wait longer than a few seconds if your site does not open.

They also expect that any data they transmit is secure and protected from hackers. To protect your users’ information, your website needs a valid SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) installed to encrypt the data.

When you visit a website, you may notice a padlock in the upper left-hand corner. If the padlock is locked, and in some cases green, the site has a valid SSL certificate. If not, you may get a notice from the browser you are using saying that the site is not secure.

Things To Remember:

  • You will be installing your first plugin and it’s important to keep them updated.
  • Having a valid SSL certificate is considered important for search engine ranking.
  • Site load time is also part of the search engine ranking algorithm. 


Wealthy Affiliate offers a free SSL certificate for each site you host. If you are using a different host, be sure to have them install a certificate. Wealthy Affiliate also offers a feature called SiteSpeed. When activated, it speeds up the load time for a better user experience.


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