Part Three – Security & Backup

Estimated Time Required: 15- 20 Minutes 

At this point, your website should be live. Before we go any further, we want to secure and protect your site. There are two plugins that we want to add. Wordfence and WP Clone. Later in the course, we will discuss a more advanced option for backup using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Things To Remember:

  • You should backup your site on a regular basis while you are building it.
  • Hackers & bots do not discriminate – small sites are just as vulnerable as high traffic sites.


The free version of WordFence helps block cyber attacks and will alert you if there are security threats to your site. When you install the plugin, be sure to enter a valid email address and subscribe to their blog.

WP Clone will backup your site and offers an easy way to restore it if you ever have a problem.



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