How To Use MailChimp With WordPress

Image of lead capture formUsing MailChimp with WordPress is a great way to capture information from your visitors. If you want to offer a free course, ebook,  or anything of value, you can use the MailChimp for WordPress plugin.


The MailChimp lead form has a few options:

  • Capture information then redirect users to a landing page
  • Capture information and send one or more automatic emails
  • Subscribe someone to your mailing list

I like to use MailChimp to capture information, then direct people to a free course that I offer. When they enter their info, they are added to a list that automatically sends out emails.

You need to be careful with this, people do not want to get spammed or bombarded with useless offers after they give you their contact information. I only send out relevant and helpful content with the occasional offer to do business.

Here’s What You Need:

  1. An Account with MailChimp – the free option works fine when first getting started
  2. MailChimp for WordPress plugin
  3. Your API key from your MailChimp Account
  4. Contact Form 7
  5. A free offer that people will want
  6. Simple Download Monitor plugin
  7. A series of automatic emails to send to your subscribers. Use the ‘Automation’ type campaign in MailChimp


This video tutorial will walk you through the steps to set this up on your WordPress Website.


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Scott Gibbens

Scott Gibbens has been a small business entrepreneur since 1988. Scott enjoys helping people from all walks of life achieve true business success.

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