Part Two – Activating Your Website

Estimated Time Required: 15 Minutes

Now that you have your website domain name registered, you need to point the domain to your web host. The host is where the website actually lives. There are many hosting companies to choose from including:

1&1 Web Hosting

A2 Web Hosting




Of course, these are just a few. We recommend Wealthy Affiliate for the beginner because of their excellent community support. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can host up to 25 websites and build two test sites for free before going premium. Full disclosure- I do receive a small referral fee if you join WA.

Each web hosting company will have their own instructions on pointing your domain to their server. Once you point your domain to their server, it could take up to 24 hours to propagate and become live.

Steps To Activate Your Website:

  1. Find out where to point your domain and enter the settings with the company you registered it with.
  2. Give your website a name that matches your business. You can change the name anytime.
  3. Choose a theme to customize, you can change your theme if needed but it can create additional work.


Once your website is activated, we need to create a new administrative user. By default, WordPress assigns the name ‘admin’ to all initial WordPress users. This gives potential hackers a head start and you cannot change your username.

The only thing you can do is create a new user and delete ‘admin’. Please use care during this step and follow the instructions exactly as outlined in the video.


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